Dawa Consulting promotes social justice across the international development sector by helping civil society organisations, government agencies, academia and the private sector enhance their development impact, learning, accountability and transparency, while advocating for inclusive approaches so no-one is left behind.

Dawa Consulting was established in Malawi in 2004 to assist with the social and economic development of the region by building local capacity in communications and development impact across Africa, and by investigating, analysing, problem solving and responding to opportunities and challenges that may impact upon our clients’ activities.

Building on this invaluable knowledge and with a special interest in disability, health and education, Dawa Consulting began operating from the UK in 2012, providing practical solutions and action plans to help INGOs, CBOs, governments and institutions develop strategic approaches to enhance impact, inclusion and sustainability.

With a long-standing reputation as a provider of high quality services in the field of international development, governance and leadership, Dawa Consulting offers bespoke advice, support and training to help transform the development impact of organisations while dealing with the challenges facing the sector today. Clients value our professionalism, integrity, evidenced-based approach and results-orientated advocacy.

For a preliminary, no fee consultation, please contact us here.

Clients include:

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