Emma Judge is a published author having compiled a number of books for the international development sector, including To Whom It May Concern – a book celebrating 10 years of democracy in South Africa with the foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu − and two books in the Hands On series published with funding from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) for development professionals. Her photographs have been published in The Guardian and Newsweek, while her writing and editing skills won her the World Bank Global Village Award at the One World Media Awards in 1999.

The Most Reverend Desmond M Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus: To Whom It May Concern provides us with important lessons from the past that we should use for the development of our nation. Through individual accounts, we learn that people contributed in seemingly small but important ways according to what they could do or could afford. It was as a result of such efforts globally that we were able to see the downfall of the apartheid regime. It is such efforts that we now need to fight and win the war against poverty and the injustices of our world today.”

Hands On – Food, Water and Finance
ITDG Publishing 2002,
ISBN 1-85339-515-3

This book promotes innovations in agriculture, food processing, water and sanitation and small business development. All of the studies have been produced as a result of personal experience from somewhere in the world and offers a range of practical advice and solutions for development professionals, NGOs, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to improve livelihoods and the environment.

Hands On – Energy, Infrastructure and Recycling
ITDG Publishing 2002,
ISBN 1-85339-488-2

This book promotes appropriate innovations and environmentally sound solutions in energy and power, buildings, transport and re-use of materials which can help reduce consumption. The ‘how to’ technologies can be replicated by individuals and entrepreneurs at a reasonable cost to themselves and to the community. Some of the initiatives can be applied in the home, while others can be developed by entrepreneurs to stimulate green business and small-scale enterprise.

To Whom It May Concern
Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
South African Network 2004,
ISBN 0-9548951-0-X

This book consists of accounts from a range of people working or volunteering in Southern Africa during Apartheid. The diversity of contributions reflects the cost of the struggle against apartheid to those countries in the region that vehemently opposed the South African regime. Most of the stories are told here for the first time and are evidence of the solidarity and comradeship between people across a physical and cultural divide, united in their desire for a just society.

The Big Red Truck
Thomson Reuters 2017, ISBN 978-1539-22953-7

In 2017, Emma published her first children’s illustrated book – The Big Red Truck – as an innovative educational tool for raising awareness of some of Africa’s challenges and promoting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to children and parents alike. Inspiration for The Big Red Truck comes from a hybrid of Emma’s adventures of working on an overland truck that travelled through Africa in the early 1990s, coupled with her experiences of working in international development. Available for sale in South Africa, Tanzania, USA, UK and Zambia. For further information about local suppliers, please contact us here.

Thomson Reuters 2020, ISBN 978-1731-90707-3
The Big Red Truck and The Dark Forest is the second story in The Big Red Truck series and continues promoting the raison d’etre of the SDGs, enchanting children, teachers and parents alike.  

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Written and Editorial Contributions
Small-Scale Food Processing,
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Baking for Profit, ITDG Publishing 2000, ISBN 1-85339-407-6
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Film & Radio
BBC Radio 4 Lifeline Appeal, 2015
BBC1 Lifeline Appeal, 2003
Hands On Series 1 & Series 2 , Television Trust for the Environment